David Steinberg, Ph.D.

UNC SPIRE Postdoctoral Fellow


Ph.D. in Biology (2015)
Duke University; Durham

B.S. in Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology (2008)
Vanderbilt University

The Organization for Tropical Studies
Tropical Biology: An Ecological Approach

Council for International Educational Exchange
Tropical Ecology and Evolution

Research Interests

  • Animal Behavior and Behavioral Ecology
  • Sensory Ecology of Animal Visual Signals
  • Visual Physiology
  • Herpetology and Field Biology
  • Educational Methodologies


Steinberg, D.S., and M. Leal. 2016. Visual motion detection and habitat preference in Anolis lizards.  Journal of Comparative Physiology A 202(11): 783–790.

Fleishman, L.J., B. Ogas, D.S. Steinberg, and M. Leal. 2016. Why do Anolis dewlaps glow? An analysis of a translucent visual signal. Functional Ecology 30: 345–355.

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Amphibians and Reptiles 852: 1–2.

Last edited 12.01.2017