Postdoctoral Research

We welcome qualified postdoctoral researchers. Obtaining funding to support postdocs can be challenging, but several sources of funding are potentially available. Some postdocs from the United States are able to acquire funding through the Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology (PRFB) program of the National Science Foundation.  Other sources of funding include the National Institutes of Health and various private foundations. Similarly, postdocs from countries other than the U.S. are sometimes able to arrange funding through a program in their country of origin.

Two postdoctoral opportunities are available through the University of North Carolina and the state of North Carolina. The University of North Carolina SPIRE postdoctoral program supports a limited number of individuals interested in obtaining postdoctoral training in both teaching and research. This program is most suitable for those planning careers at smaller colleges and universities. The Carolina minority postdoctoral program is funded by the state of North Carolina and is intended to promote diversity in academia by developing scholars from underrepresented groups.

Postdocs are also sometimes supported by research grants to the Lohmann Lab. In such cases, funding is usually arranged through the development of a research plan and submission of a successful grant application. Because this process can take a year or more, applicants interested in pursuing this avenue of support are encouraged to contact Ken Lohmann well in advance of the time when they hope to begin their positions.